What We Believe

Doctrinal Basis

What We Believe: Our Basis In Faith

The All Sufficient God
The Infinite, Personal, Triune God of the Bible as Creator and savior of our lives in this world is our ultimate reference point for understanding and worship.

The Infallible Word
God has spoken to us in the Creation, in the Incarnate Son, and in the Bible, which alone and in its entirety is the Word of God written, and is therefore inerrant in the autographs.

A Christian World View
The Kingdom of God in Christ claims divine sovereignty over every area of human endeavor and provides the foundation for a fully comprehensive interpretation of the Creation.

The Body Of Christ
Salvation is by faith alone in Christ alone by Grace alone, effected by the substitutionary Atonement of the Cross and applied to the believer by the Holy spirit as a committed member of the body of Christ locally assembled.

A Community Of Faith
Christians should seek service to their neighbor in a local church community of fellowship and commitment in order to develop their gifts and to seek avenues of obedience in an accountable calling.

The Reformational Task
The Church and all its members must seek continually to reform themselves and their institutions in terms of the authority of the Word of God as unfolded by the hermeneutical community.

Cultural Responsibility
Every believer must seek the calling of God upon their lives to critique and influence their own generation in the areas of social justice, cultural renewal, institutional development and in all areas of scientific, artistic, economic, political and ecological responsibility.

God’s Plan For The Creation
God created the cosmos as a stage whereon to exhibit his glory, which is his divine attributes. This includes Creation, the Fall, and the historical Drama of Redemption leading to the Kingdom of God. The Bible’s prophetic vision of a world wide Kingdom of God will be fulfilled as originally promised. The Jewish nation, the Christian Church, and the millennium after the Second Coming are stages in the manifestation of that Kingdom.