Our purpose is to educate individual Christians and churches in Christian life and truth, from the standpoint of Reformational Theology.

Our key essays on apologetics and doctrine, explain our approach to defending the faith and our belief in the priority of doctrine.  Read these essays first to understand our worldview approach: The Unity of Apologetics and Evangelism in the New Testament and The Absolute Necessity of Sound Doctrine.

We believe that Christianity is not a privatized superstition or a merely probable perspective on life. It is a full-orbed vision of reality, the fully comprehensive worldview presented in the Bible because, “In thy light we see light” (Psalm 36). We must all “live by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God” just as Jesus did (Matthew 4:4).

Celebrating Advent Daily Worship Guide

These daily readings can be used as personal devotions, as family worship, or in community with others.  The daily readings begin the Monday following the First Sunday of Advent and continue each weekday until Christmas Eve. The prayers are meant as an encouragement to worship, and should not replace spontaneous prayer. Suggestions for family or communal participation are at the end of each daily guide. They can be interspersed in the text, as you choose.

Celebrating Advent

Aquila & Priscilla Study Center

An evangelical, reformational Lay Institute that seeks to equip men and women for ministry in church and society by giving them the tools to formulate and live out a Christian worldview.

The Aquila and Priscilla Study Center is committed to:

Providing Christian lay women and men with tools for understanding and using the Bible in everyday life. To accomplish this we provide seminars on theology, church history, Christian living, and defending the faith.

Developing and practicing a Christian worldview, both personally and in the life of the Church.

Providing a place where seekers come with questions and doubts, getting honest answers to honest questions.

Developing tools for understanding and principles for living effectively in the frenzy of the world.

Providing an atmosphere of inquiry and acceptance where crucial questions can be discussed.

Nurturing in Christian women and men a sense of certainty that the Bible does have answers to the questions of today.

Encouraging Christian hospitality so that community may take root and grow.

This image is the first page of John’s Gospel from the Latin Lindisfarne Gospels (about 700 AD). It reads “In Principio erat Verbum” or “In the beginning was the Word.” The text continues with “and the Word was with God, and God [was the Word]” onto the next page of the manuscript.

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